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When the time comes to borrow against or sell your Rolex, it’s vital to make sure you receive a fair and honest appraisal that works in your favor. Instead of settling for any pawn shop that may not be forthcoming about the appraisal process or does not have an experienced, certified appraiser, visit one of our convenient locations in San Jose, CA. At R&J Jewelry and Loan, our aim is never to take advantage of the customers who come to visit our pawn shop. With a rigorous, transparent appraisal procedure for your luxury Rolex, you can rest easy know you’ve received a truly fair price.

Why R&J Jewelry and Loan?

For the past four decades, we have been San Jose’s trusted and reliable pawn shop and jewelry store. With a deep knowledge and respect for luxury watches, we have consistently been the go-to choice for area residents. While we specialize in a wide range of luxury watches, vintage Rolexes are one of our top specialties. We will offer you a price that’s fair, no matter the condition of your watch, as our goal is not to simply make a profit, but to form a lasting relationship. At R&J Jewelry and Loan, we understand the importance of having long-term clients who view us as their first choice for buying, loaning, or selling products, and we believe that you will quickly experience just how we put it our philosophy into practice. Why not stop by today and see for yourself?

Our Rolex appraisal process

As Rolex watch buyers, we stand out at R&J Jewelry and Loan by having an expert watch appraiser who has been handling many luxury watch appraisals over the past 20 years. Located on site, he will take all necessary factors into consideration and explain them in detail to you, so that you can receive the highest market price for your Rolex in the San Jose area. The following are just some of the factors that play a role in your Rolex appraisal:

-Aesthetic features: Some models may have diamonds or precious gems, which will understandably increase your Rolex’s value.

-Original packaging and proof of purchase: If you have the original box and papers, as well as proof of purchase, we will be able to give you more money for your Rolex. Even if you do not have all the papers, it’s in your best interest to locate as many as possible.

-Condition: While we accept Rolexes in various conditions, you will, of course, receive a higher estimate if it’s in working condition. The value can also be affected if your Rolex was refurbished or repaired. Dents and nicks will also play a role in the appraisal process.

-Other factors: Our expert appraiser will take other factors into consideration. These include band material, the year your Rolex was manufactured, and the clasp type. Finally, the current supply and demand will play a role, as well.

While this may seem like many factors to take into consideration, our experts will make sure to fully explain the entire procedure, allowing you to make a well-informed decision. If you are uncertain whether the best choice is to pawn or sell your Rolex, our experienced staff will be able to provide you with helpful advice so you make the best decision for you. Stop by today for more information!

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