R&J Jewelry and Loan

has been serving San Jose

since 1978

Full Service Pawn Shop


Cash Loans on your personal property with low interest and 4 MONTHS to pay back.


You decide if you would like a loan or if you want to sell your items.


In today’s world money is tight.  If you should find yourself in need of a short term CASH loan with nowhere else to turn, come to R&J Jewelry and Loan.  We are the nicest shop with the friendliest service in San Jose, California.  Whatever your situation, we will try our best to help.

Buy Jewelry at real prices below wholesale

Are you looking for an outstanding gift? Would you like to indulge yourself with a piece of jewelry or pick out your wedding ring? In our jewelry shop you will find every type of treasured accessory, the jewelry will take your breath away.

Advantages of getting a Loan from us

No Credit required

Confidential Services

Instant Cash Given

You still retain ownership of your valuable items

Quick and Easy

Good Value Short Term Loans

Low Interest Rates

Items you can bring in for a loan or to sell:

GOLD ● COINS ● DIAMONDS ● WATCHES ● Rolex ● CLASS RINGS ● NECKLACES ● EARRINGS ● SPORTS RINGS ● Silver ● Tiffany & Co. ● Gucci ● Chanel ● Silver Flatware ● Tools ● Bicycles ● Road Bikes ● Gift Cards ● Art ● Flat Panel TV’s ● PS3 ● Xbox Kinect ● Laptops ● Macbook Pro ● Mac Mini ● iPad ● iPod ● iMac ● Tablets ● Netbooks ● Digital SLR ● Lenses ● Nikon ● Canon ● Panasonic ●  Any item of value in good condition will be considered - Call us today 408-295-3610

                           We loan $5 to $50,000 with 4 months to pay or renew.

Sell Your Items For Cash on the Spot!

We buy your unwanted gold jewelry, watch, diamonds, and platinum.  We offer the current fair market value and in most cases offer much more than gold buyers from out of town who set up in hotels for 2-3 days at a time.  If you are not sure what your gold jewlry, coins, watch, diamond jewelry, platinum and silver are worth, you owe it to yourself to come in for a fair and free appraisal.

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