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Are you in the process of looking for an honest pawn shop to sell or pawn your diamonds in the San Jose, CA, area? Look no further than R & J Jewelry & Loan. With four decades of experience under our belts, we are your trusted, family owned and operated pawn shop in the area. Offering honest, transparent diamond appraisals, we're your go-to option when you're considering buying or pawning your precious stones. We invite you to stop by our store in San Jose today and see for yourself what makes our experience different from all the others.

Diamond Appraisal | R & J Jewelry & Loan

Our diamond appraisal process

What you're most interested in, of course, is how much you can get for your diamond. There's a basic measure used in the process, commonly known as the 4 C's:

  • Carat: How much does your diamond weigh?
  • Color: Does your diamond have a color?
  • Clarity: Can we see any flaws in your diamond?
  • Cut: How well does your diamond reflect light?

Of course, we also take other factors into consideration, including brightness, fire, and scintillation (the amount of “sparkle” in between the lighter and darker areas). We follow the standards set forth by the Gemological Institute of America, which is why we pay a premium price if your diamond is GIA certified. But don't worry if it's not—our trained, expert gemologists will still give you a fair appraisal and advice to proceed.

Diamond pawn shop services

When it comes to looking for a pawn shop for your diamonds, R & J Jewelry stands out in the area by offering a fair and honest appraisal for our customers. We pay top dollar for 1-carat diamonds and larger and pay premium prices for GIA and EGL certified stones. With a GIA trained gemologist who has many years of experience, you can rest easy knowing you're receiving a fair, competitive offer when you're looking to sell jewelry. We make sure you can instantly exchange your jewelry and receive cash on the spot, as well as bring in your items for either a pawn or loan offer.

Diamond Pawn Shop Services

If preferred, you're also able to repay your pawns and loans with interest. While we pay premium prices for GIA and EGL certified diamonds, we invite you to bring in all sorts of diamonds and jewelry pieces you have for us to give them an appraisal. No matter the condition, we will always make sure to offer you a fair price. Whether your jewelry is new, old, broken, or damaged, our team at R & J Jewelry & Loan prides itself on being able to still exchange your diamonds for cash. Of course, we do not only take diamonds, but also gemstones such emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and much more.

Get in touch today

At R & J Jewelry & Loan, we understand just how important it is to make sure your diamond is properly evaluated. That's why we invite you to call us or stop by our store in San Jose location today to speak with our trained staff so we can answer all your questions and go over your options. We look forward to seeing you!

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