How To Start High End Watch Collecting?

Preowned Gifts

Do you want to start high-end watch collecting but don’t know where to begin?

We will teach you how to get started with high-end watch collecting. In order to start your collection, you need the right tools for the job.

One of those tools is a Rolex watch! A used Rolex is a great place to start and will depend on your budget. 

Did you know a Rolex can have different karats of gold, highly influencing the price year over year?

Not only are they some of the most expensive watches, but they are also one of the most beautiful timepieces ever created.

If you’re in San Jose CA and want to pick up a pre-worn Rolex, visit our store or give us a call to get your collection started.

When choosing your first fine watch to start your collection, a pre-owned watch with paperwork and developing a relationship with a watch professional is crucial to having a great start. By building a relationship with a watch expert or two, you will always be safe when authenticated a new timepiece you are adding to the collection. 

There are always deals to be had, but if it seems too good to be true, most times your instinct is right. 

Upgrading your collection and changing out a pre-owned Fine-Watch

When collecting it is a great idea to own several watches and use these to trade when increasing the value of your watch

Maybe even have a replica or two in your collection, to really understand the difference between an authentic fine watch and a replica. The difference is substantial and we are happy to show you at our store in San Jose

Next, keeping the watches in working condition is key to keeping your collection at top value. 

Finally, having your hands on several brands will help you identify the types you will like to collect based on rarity, finish and appeal. 

Follow us and stay tuned for a future article, where I walk you through how I started to collect watches and become the passionate expert in San Jose, and one of the top fine watch buyers in California