Can You Find Diamonds At Pawn Shops?

Fine Jewelry
Fine Jewelry

Have You Considered Shopping At A Pawn Shop?

Pawn shops often have many new and gently worn fine jewelry items for sale. This includes diamond jewelry and loose diamonds. Pawn shops have engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond rings, and high end jewelry at a lower price than shopping at a jewelry store.

Pawn shops might accept jewelry as collateral for a short-term loan, or purchase the item outright, and then decide to sell it as part of their inventory. A pawn shop who offers a short-term loan for Blue Nile Diamond may then need to sell the diamond for the best deal, because the borrower decided not to pay off the loan. If the loan defaults, the collateral item is retained and placed on the sales floor to recuperate costs associated with the original loan.

Diamond appraisal

Authentication and Testing Ensures the Perfect Diamond Ring

Pawnshops have authentication and valuation tools necessary to ensure that the value of the jewelry item, like a diamond they bring in, is genuine. Pawnshops would have difficulty staying in business if they bought and loaned against items that weren’t appraised correctly. An accurate appraisal before an exchange is made is good business.

As with most gems, a larger diamond will cost more and have a greater value. If you are looking for an engagement ring with a large diamond, a local pawn shop may have exactly what you are looking for. Or have a large loose diamond you can have designed into a wedding ring for a good deal.


Diamond Ring

Diamonds, diamond engagement rings, wedding rings with diamonds, and other diamond jewelry

Diamonds are appraised according to the 4c, cut, clarity, carat, and color

Diamond Color Actually Means Lack of Color

 A diamond with no color, like a drop of water, is valued higher than a diamond with some color. All diamonds are evaluated, from D (diamonds with no color) to Z (diamond with color). A diamond expert, under controlled lighting, compares the diamond to “master-stones” to determine the absence of color, and gives the diamond a rating.


2. Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity refers to the absence of “inclusions” (substances, spots, etc. included in the structure of the diamond) and “blemishes” (external characteristics).

Diamonds are created under pressure and heat, and therefore have both inside and external characteristics that need to be evaluated by size, nature, position, and relief. How do they affect the appearance of the diamond?

The purer a diamond is, the better the Clarity.

Clarity is appraised after looking at the diamond under powerful magnification, and then determining what inside characteristics it has (inclusions) and the following ratings are given:

• Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2) Inclusions are noticeable under 10x magnification

• Included (I1, I2, and I3) Inclusions are obvious under 10x magnification, which may affect transparency and brilliance.

Then a Diamond Clarity Scale is used to give the diamond an overall clarity rating. 


3. Understanding Diamond Cuts

Knowing how your diamond is cut is essential in knowing your diamond and its value and ability to transmit light and sparkle.

There are diamonds cut round, heart-shaped, oval, marquise, and pear. A skilled gem cutter will know exactly how to cut a diamond, so it interacts with the light to enhance its beauty and value. The way a diamond is cut will affect its brightness, fire, and scintillation.

  • Brightness: Internal and external white light reflected from a diamond.

  • Fire: The scattering of white light into all the colors of the rainbow.

  • Scintillation: The amount of sparkle a diamond produces, and the pattern of light and dark areas caused by reflections within the diamond.



4. Carat weight

By using 200 milligrams as a “carat”, the weight of your diamond can be given within a hundredth decimal place.

Larger diamonds are rarer, and thus more valuable and desirable. Remember that the value of a diamond is not only its weight, but also its color, clarity, and cut.


Diamond ring

A Diamond symbolizes something.

An engagement, the birth of a child, the generational love shared in a family, or maybe the pride felt at college graduation. A diamond represents an event, something special in the heart of the giver and receiver. With each sparkle, cut, and detail, a diamond tells a story, and the woman wearing the diamond is in as much love with the story behind the diamond as the diamond itself.

Wedding Rings

A Diamond is beautiful, sparkly, and has more detail than the naked eye can see.

There is no other piece of the precious gem that presents itself entirely as a diamond. Even if it is a perfect stone, no other gemstone carries itself like a diamond. Something is mesmerizing about the sparkle of a diamond that says it withstood the pressure of time, is hardy, and will remain forever.


A Diamond represents a woman’s personality.

Women need big diamonds.

The diamond shape, diamond color, diamond cut, and diamond setting make a statement about the wearer, and what that person stands for. A diamond can be made into any jewelry. They can be used in earrings, engagement rings, everyday diamond rings, diamond tennis bracelets, and diamond pendants, each making a statement about the wearer. A diamond can vary in size, shape, color, cut, and clarity, giving options in style and setting and in what they want.


diamond jewelry

A Diamond is the best, and the giver gave the best.

Diamonds are forever, and the story around the diamond lasts a lifetime. Grandmothers will pass down diamond jewelry like an engagement ring and tell stories about how the diamond came to be, and why the diamond’s size nicely presented in a round cut was given to her.

Like most couples, diamond engagement rings come with a story and a sense of awe behind the storyteller’s eyes. Grandmothers will tell stories about how the diamond ring was purchased and what jeweler it came from. She will tell tales of how she and Grandpa couldn’t decide which ring to get because a larger diamond was available, but she just wanted the one she got. A diamond is a gemstone with a story, the best story.

pink diamond

A Diamond is unique.

Each diamond was formed under pressure over time, and each diamond is unique. Diamonds are valued on the 4cs, clarity, cut, carat, and color. A diamond has a clarity factor, which can be affected by inclusions and minor flaws within the diamond. A diamond has a crystal clear color to yellow or other shades. The more absence of color, the higher the grade. A diamond has a cut, and how it is cut reflects the sparkle of the diamond and how the diamond makes a statement. A diamond has a size or carat weight. The bigger the diamond, the more money it costs. Each diamond is unique and not like another.


A Diamond gives a sense of confidence.

Maybe the diamond itself doesn’t build confidence, but the woman wearing it will say they feel pretty. Wearing a diamond is the ultimate fashion statement, and wearing a diamond boosts the ego and spirit of the wearer.

diamond jewelry

Shopping at a Pawn Shop

If you are shopping for a diamond ring from a pawn shop, you have made a great decision. Pawn shops have been in business for over 3000 years. They were once viewed as sleazy, dark places that engaged in illegal business.

Pawn shops have a business model that meets their state’s regulations. Before they can buy jewelry, buy, sell or pawning luxury items, or provide a financial alternative for customers, they must have a plan to meet their state’s laws.

When they open and engage in business, they must keep a legitimate record of all transactions. As part of the business model, they provide customers with a pawn ticket and require a state issued ID.

To reassure yourself about your local pawn shop, read online reviews about the shop. Talk with a knowledgeable friend about the shop if they have done business with the shop before.


R&J Jewelry and Loan, Your Pawn Shop in San Jose, CA

R&J Jewelry and Loan is a family owned and operated pawn shop since 1978. They have built their reputation on personalized services and their extensive jewelry selection in various price ranges.

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As diamond buyers, they buy diamonds and pay higher prices for GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL Certified Stones. Paying top dollar for 1ct. and larger. They have GIA trained gemologists to properly evaluate your diamond to ensure you are getting a fair offer.

Most jewelry stores mark up their prices. The prices at R&J Jewelry and Loan are based on market price and affordable. There is always a good deal at the shop.

If you need quick cash, it is a good idea to visit the store and see what offer they will make on your gold, diamond, and luxury items. They can help you get quick money.

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