Will Pawn Shops Offer Loans on Louis Vuitton Handbags?

Pawn Shop Near Me

If you have a Louis Vuitton Handbag to sell, a Pawn Shop may be the option for you. Over the last decade, the buy/sell/loan market has become very competitive. Pawn Shops, like ours at R&J Jewelry and Loan, offer cash for your Luxury Handbags. In fact, you may be surprised how a Pawn Shop like ours in San Jose can help with your selling and loaning needs on your Louis Vuitton.

How Much Do We Pay?

The first step, is we authenticate and value your Louis Vuitton. This includes rating the condition, based on wear and tear. After we have determined the condition and authenticity of your Louis Vuitton, we will determine the resale value. After we have determined the resale value we will make an offer up to 80% of the value. While other consignments shops, online buyers, and pawn shops offer based on their volume and needs, we strive to offer the most cash every time in San Jose. This is because we specialize in luxury and deal in a high volume of handbags and other luxury goods.

If your Louis Vuitton has a guaranteed sale price of $1,000 then we will offer up to $800 depending on our current inventory levels.

Will you Buy Multiple Handbags?

If you have one or fifty Louis Vuitton or other designer bags, we will buy or loan on them. There isn’t an amount that is too large or small for our Pawn Shop. Bring in receipts and proof of purchase and this will be very helpful when we are working with a larger group of designer bags. Whether you have an Estate, need a loan on your collection, or is time to purge and trade in a few fashion brands you no longer use, we can help!

Will you Buy or Loan on Fake Handbags?

The short answer here is we will not accept fake handbags. We focus on providing authentic pre-owned luxury goods for our clients. If a pawnshop or store you are working with will accept nonauthentic handbags, this is a bad sign. We recommend staying clear of all stores knowingly accepting illegal reproductions.

Do I have Other Options?

Option 1: Pawn Loan

There are several options at a pawn shop to take advantage of with your Louis Vuitton. Did you know that you can leverage your Louis Vuitton Handbag for a loan, otherwise known as a “Pawn” in San Jose at R&J Jewelry and Loan? When money is tight, selling your Louis Vuitton isn’t the only option, a short-term pawn loan could be the right option for you.

Take for example you have a Louis Vuitton, you just paid $2,500 for, and the pre-owned resale value is only $1,500. After our verification of the handbag at our San Jose location, we can offer you $1,200 to purchase it. Instead of selling us the handbag when money is tight, you can take advantage of a short-term pawn loan. That is right, you can let us hold the Louis Vuitton as collateral and get a short-term non-recourse loan for $1,200 on your purse.

Pawn Loans do not affect your credit, and you have no requirement to redeem the item. If you can’t afford to pick your item up at the end of the term, you can simply let us know and the item can be sold instead.

Option 2: Ship the Louis Vuitton

Another option you may take advantage of is shipping your Louis Vuitton to an online buyer. If you take this option, be sure to read their reviews everywhere. Make sure your handbag will be returned if you do not like the offer from the online buyer. Here at R&J Jewelry and Loan, we have found our offers to buy or pawn loan on your Louis Vuitton are often higher than online buyers. This is because we have a local market to resell the Louis and do not need to pay high shipping costs.

Option 3: Ebay/Other Online Selling

Ebay is making a strong comeback in the online sales and auction market. This could be an option for you if you have an Ebay rating and camera. Ebay can at times bring a nice premium for rare, hard to find handbags. We even use Ebay for selling Louis Vuittons at times. When selling online, be careful about scammers who take advantage of the “Buyers Protection”. Buyers protection will allow the buyer of the Louis Vuitton to ship it back to you within a set period of time. During this process, scammers will ship a fake Louis Vuitton back to you, and the platform like Ebay or Paypal will refund the buyer and you will be scammed out of your authentic Louis Vuitton. Is this a risk worth taking or is selling directly to us a better option?

Option 4: Other Items

You may consider bringing in the types of luxury items to sell or get a pawn loan on. The more valuable the item or items, the more cash you can get. At R&J Jewelry and Loan in San Jose, we accept and loan money on other luxury handbags and items to include all Louis Vuitton’s and other major brands:

R&J Jewelry and Loan, Serving San Jose.

R&J Jewelry and Loan is the premier pre-owned designer handbag store in San Jose, California. Our pawn shop is here to help with your cash needs on all designer handbags, serving the community since 1978. With our specialist on call, we buy, loan and sell all luxury items. This includes Handbags, Fine Watches (Rolex, Richard Mille, Tag Heuer, Patek Phillipe, Hublot, IWC, etc…), Jewelry, Diamonds, Silver & Gold, and designers luxury items.

Areas we serve:

While we are located in San Jose, there are several surrounding cities we serve. By working with us at our San Jose Location, and making the drive from these areas, you will find more cash in your pocket and be treated with respect during every transaction with us. We often help clients in the following areas with purchases and loans ranging from $200 to $500k. Alivos, Berryessa, Rincon/Golden Triangle, Slum Rock, Evergreen, Silver Creek Valley, Santa Teresa, Edenvale, Willow Glen, Cambrian, Calabaza, Paseo De Saratoga, Fruitdale, Downtown, are all areas we help clients regularly.


Getting a cash loan is associated with pawning. R & J Jewellery & Loan accepts your item as collateral for just a cash loan. After that, you have four weeks to repay the loan and get your stuff back. Selling is when you sell us your product outright, and it instantly becomes part of our inventory.

Their pawn loans in San Jose, CA, R & J Jewelry & Loan accepts most high-quality products as collateral. Many goods, such as gold, jewels, diamonds, coins, watches, silver flatware, musical instruments, and much more, are purchased outright for our collection. At our location you can Sell Gucci Bag Santa Clara.