Unique Jewelry Gifts For Christmas At R&J Jewelry and Loan

Mother's Day Gifts
Mother's Day Gifts

You may be sitting around looking through Christmas ads and wondering what fine jewelry you can buy for Christmas gifts. You need something to help you come up with unique jewelry gift ideas, but you’re stuck.

What better way to surprise your special someone on Christmas morning than to give diamonds or unique gold jewelry. At R&J Jewelry and Loan, they not only have an extensive inventory of fine jewelry, but also have jewelry experts who can help you find the perfect piece.

All their luxury inventory undergoes a stringent test to ensure their inventory is genuine, so you can shop with confidence. They have a selection of white gold, sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, 14 through 24 Karat gold jewelry, and other cool gift ideas.

If you are looking for a great statement piece, R&J Jewelry and Loan has them.

R&J Jewelry and Loan

Why Buy Local?

Why shop at Etsy, Craigslist, a Big Box Jewelry Store, or another online marketplace when you can shop at a local service, with a team member who treats you like a friend? R&J Jewelry and Loan understands that jewelry underscores a person’s personality. For this reason, they carry silver, gold, platinum, and precious stones, so that they have the right piece for every individual’s taste.

Developing a relationship and working with a local service is always best when it comes to jewelry. Why? Because everyone’s taste is different, and knowing that the experts you are working with won’t do you wrong. Sizes change, and so do styles. Having various pieces to choose from isn’t a bad idea.

Fine Jewelry

Sterling silver, gold jewelry, earrings, rings, pendants, pearls, bracelets, gems, necklaces, and luxury watches all make gorgeous gifts.

R&J Jewelry and Loan know their diamonds, pearls, gold, silver, and precious metals. Their large collection of fine jewelry gives you different choices. They will work with you on unique and custom made jewelry gifts.

They understand that everyone has a different budget. R&J Jewelry and Loan has a full range of fine jewelry options at affordable prices. A pair of earrings from a big box store may be like someone else, but buying a pre-owned quality pair from R&J will help save your budget and be unique.

They have diamond stud earrings that can be worn everyday or on special occasions.

Gold jewelry and sterling silver make wonderful gifts. Maybe consider buying a bracelet or bangles to accent your loved one’s outfits. They have elegant necklaces, topaz pendants, dainty bracelets, and white diamonds that are sure to match what you are looking for.

Other pieces of jewelry that R&J Jewelry and Loan has in their ever-changing inventory include Rolex watches and other name brand luxury watches. They have rings with gems like aquamarine and opals. Each necklace has been tested and authenticated, and will compliment any style.

Rings crafted from 14 karat gold, turquoise, or rose gold can be found in their store.

Finding That Perfect Gift

Remember to shop early, because inventories change. If you know the jewelry gifts you must have, they may be gone if you wait too long. Some of the best jewelry gifts are those with a little sparkle. A little sparkle goes a long way.

During the holiday season, explore R&J Jewelry and Loans’ inventory for gifts your loved ones will love. If you don’t know the style you need to buy, think about the style you have seen your special someone wear. Do they prefer simple, elegant, classic, or a modern look? Wearing a piece of quality jewelry within the style of what someone prefers is a gift they won’t forget.

R&J Jewelry and Loan Logo

R&J Jewelry and Loan

The pawn shop has been a family owned and operated pawn shop since 1978. They provide personalized services and an extensive jewelry selection in various price ranges. They strive to set themselves apart from other pawn shops by offering real money for valuable personal items. Fair and reasonable offers are how they do business as a full service pawn shop. R & J Jewelry & Loan will buy your items or give you a cash loan to get you through the rough times.

They have a large selection of designer handbags, luxury watches, diamonds, gold, silver, precious metals, fine jewelry, earrings, necklaces, and other best gifts that will be the perfect gift this season.

How Do You Know If Gold Is Real?

Real Gold
Real Gold

Real gold jewelry, white gold, rose gold, and other gold products like gold bars, bullion coins, and other gold pieces are beautiful and a good investment. But how do you test gold for gold authenticity?

Pawn shops like R&J Jewelry and Loan buy, sell, and loan against precious gold. They have experts who can test gold and determine if it is real or fake gold, fool gold, gas station gold, gold plated, or another metal.

The pawn brokers are experts in filtering out fake gold pieces from the real deal. before the pawn shop considers buying or loaning against any precious metal, they test the pieces. This protects the consumer and the shop.

Fools Gold

What is Fools Gold?

Fools, gold is not gold. It is the mineral pyrite. The mineral resembles gold, which is why it gained the name fools gold. You can test the gold if you are concerned that the gold you have is not authentic gold.

Counterfeit or Fake Gold

Counterfeit gold, silver, gold bars, bullion, designer handbags, and luxury watches like Rolex are everywhere. Advancements in technology has helped fine-tune the steps counterfeiters go through to create fraudulent products.

To decrease the risk of purchasing a fraudulent product, there are some things you can do to test gold to make sure it isn’t imitation gold or something fake.

Gold Reviews

First, Do Your Research!

Make sure you are working with a reputable company. You can check the company’s Google Reviews, standing with the Better Business Bureau and other related social media sites. Read what people say. With Google Reviews, the ability to search businesses on the Better Business Bureau or other regulating sites, and social media. It is fairly easy and common to check the reputation of the dealer you decide to purchase your gold bars from. Take the time to research local pawn shops, read the reviews, and ask around.

Gold Purity

Second, Do A Visual Test – All That Glitters Could Be Something Other Than Gold

Take some time to look at the gold you are considering. There are some things that you will notice that is unique to genuine gold.

Color: Pure gold is yellow to golden in color. If the gold is white-gold, it is ordinarily a combination of 75% gold and 25% nickel and zinc. Rose gold has a rosy appears because of the gold being mixed with copper alloys.

Pure gold is 99.9% gold and marked 24k, 18k is 75% gold and 25% other metals like silver and copper. 14k gold is 58.3% gold, and 41.7% alloy metals. 10k gold is made up of 41.7% gold, and 58.3% alloy metals. Because of the alloys used, 10k gold is a pale yellow color.


Gold does not tarnish. The metal is bright. 24k gold being the purist will be soft and easy to bend.


Gold is typically found in particles with slightly rounded edges.


Third, Weight of Gold – Real Gold Won’t Pass the Float Test

Real gold is dense and heavy. Gold is weighed in troy ounces (31.1 grams). Did you know that if you drop a fake gold bar in water, it will float? Genuine gold will sink straight to the bottom. So if the gold item floats, it’s fake.

Mother's Day Gifts

Fourth, Bendability

Gold in its purist form, 24k, is pliable. This is why most jewelry is made from gold that is not 24k, because gold has an incredible ductility, which means it bends and dents easily under pressure.

Fifth, Magnet Test

Get a strong rare earth magnet, which you can purchase from a hardware store. Touch the gold you are considering buying to the magnet. The magnet won’t hurt the gold. If the gold piece sticks, you are likely to have counterfeit gold. Pure gold is not magnetic.

Sixth, If the Price Is Too Good, Tread Cautiously

Gold sells according to the current “spot price”. The spot price is the market price of gold, and it is based on supply and demand, and thus ebbs and flows with the current economic conditions. World events, consumer spending, interest rates all affect the economy.

You can look up the spot price of gold or any precious metal. If the spot price is high, ask yourself if the huge discount you were offered because the gold piece you were considering isn’t real? It’s okay to question is the deal too good to be true?

Sometimes people or companies selling fake gold jewelry, gold plated jewelry as real gold, gold filled products as real gold, or other gold counterfeits will try to hook you with a deal. Most valuable metals come with a fair spot price, not cheap.

Seventh, Self Test Gold with Liquid Foundation – The Skin Test

Did you know you can use some liquid foundation makeup and rub the gold against it on your skin? If it leaves a black streak, it is likely gold. Find a friend with anemia or low iron. The same will happen, because the gold reacts to the blood’s hemoglobin. 


Eighth, Test Gold At Home with A Few Drops of Nitric Acid

You could test a gold piece of jewelry with nitric acid. Make a small scratch, so that the scratch penetrates the top layer of the gold. When you place a small drop of nitric acid on the scratch, see if the mark turns green or milky. If there is no reaction, the gold piece is probably real gold.

Unfortunately, nitric acid is a dangerous chemical, so you will need gloves, goggles and a well ventilated area to test gold.

Nineth, Look at the Plastic Wrapping or Packaging If You Are Buying Gold Bars

If you consider buying gold bars or gold bullion, they will come in a plastic wrapper. Fake gold bars come in thicker plastic because they hide the bar’s weight. It also distorts the details on the bar’s surface, so you may not notice imperfections or missing details.

Nearly every gold bar or piece of jewelry comes with a hallmark. The hallmark tells what karat weight the piece is and if it is 24k, 14k, 10k, or karats in between, like 18k. The mark can be manufactured so it “appears” you may notice some flaws.

Some gold bars have a layer of gold, and then they are filled with tungsten or another alloy, making them feel heavy and real.

Troy Ounce - Gold

Tenth, Stamp Test

Gold bars are fraudulently stamped with the logos of major refineries. The fakes are often difficult to spot, and because of this, fake gold bars are ideal fund runners. There are several million bars stamped with refinery logos that weren’t actually produced by those facilities, reported JPMorgan Chase & Co. The fake bars are highly professionally done.

When you look at the marking, use a magnifying glass to validate the purity of the numbers and stamps. Look for the hallmark and letter mark. Sometimes the marks are hidden under a clasp or in another inconspicuous place on the gold piece. The hallmark is the international standard, which defines the purity of valuable metals. Remember, it is not beyond fraudulent brokers to engrave these themselves, making gold plated jewelry appear like real gold.

Eleventh, The Ceramic Scratch Test

You can take a piece of unglazed ceramic tile or plate and lay the tile on a flat surface. Scrape a piece of gold across it, and real gold will leave a gold mark or trail. Other metals will leave a black trail.

Genuine Gold Facts:

Gold Purity and the Karat System

Gold has different purity. All gold spot prices are based on gold being 99.9% pure.

24k gold is considered “pure” gold without traces of other metals. 24k gold is soft and bright yellow. It is mainly used in gold bars, bullion, and coins.

18k gold is 75% pure, 14k is 58.3% pure, and 10k is 41.7 pure.

The weight of gold is measured in troy ounces; however, its purity is measured in ‘carats.’ Since the spot price of gold is based on gold being 99.9% pure, the more other metals are in the gold, the less refined, the less it’s worth.

Shop Wisely – eBay, Marketplace, and Other Online Requests

These forums may increase the risk that the gold bars, bullion, and rounds you want to buy for good money may be fraudulent. Make sure the price matches what you are buying. There may be a concern about cheap gold and a huge discount.

Pawn Shop

As a shopper of gold, it may be the best place to shop. If you are a seller, they are happy to work with you to get you a fair market value offer. If you create a relationship with the pawnbrokers, read the feedback from other shoppers, and visit the store often, you will learn quickly that the company’s delivery on their promises is 100%.

R&J Jewelry and Loan

R&J Jewlery and Loan

You may have old gold jewelry in your jewelry box, or you inherited but don’t care for the style. You might have decided to by some gold and now you wonder if it is real gold or worth anything.

You’ve read all the ways to test gold at home, and you are not convinced this will give you the answers you need. R&J Jewelry and Loan have experts who can help. Gold, silver, and precious metals are their business, and they have years of experience determining what metals are real and what aren’t.

They will buy gold in any form or condition, including coins and gold jewelry. They use fair market prices, and they don’t play games.

R & J Jewelry & Loan, is a trusted pawn shop in San Jose, CA area, and they pay cash for various products. Gold, diamonds, jewelry – you name it, they can help.

Gold Buyers San Jose & Loan pays cash for a wide range of items, gold jewelry, gold coins, silver, gold pieces in new or used conditions, gold bullion and other precious metal products.

They will test all items, and their process is professional and transparent. They will let you know what the gold content is of your piece and what the current market value is, making you an offer to buy or loan against your piece. The decision is yours. R&J Jewelry and Loan loves gold items, and they will work closely with you so your needs are met.

Are There Aftermarket Rolex Watch Bands For Pre-Owned Rolex Watches?

Rolex Daytona Watch
Rolex Daytona Watch

When a Rolex watch comes straight from the manufacturer it is fitted with a unique and specific type of bracelet or strap made exclusively for the watch style. The brand or bracelet accents the watch’s personality and style.

Rolex watches come with bracelets and bands that exemplify excellence known throughout the world. The Oyster Perpetual Submariner is the divers watch with a black dial and a Rolex bracelet. The Explorer II offers a white dial or “polar” dial which is a popular choice amongst watch enthusiasts.

Most Rolex watches don’t come with different watch band options like other brands may offer. The GMT-Master II is one exception.

Aftermarket Watch Bands and Bracelets

A Rolex owner may decide to change the band or bracelet because of design and style, to protect the original bracelet, or because the original band is worn.

Buying a replacement Rolex watch band is complex. Rolex doesn’t supply all Rolex stores with replacement bracelets and the cost associated with buying an aftermarket band can be pricey.

If you decide you want to buy an aftermarket band you have to have the watch you are intending on replacing the band so the right selection can be made. The model of the watch will determine what is available.

It is difficult to buy a genuine Rolex band separately. As part of the watch services provided by Rolex, they include an option to change the bracelet on the watch on an exchange basis. The worn band is replaced with a new one.

If you are lucky and you find a genuine Rolex band you can buy separately, the band will have to fit your watch because each model has different watch band configurations.

Rolex retailers may not have all the bracelets in stock. This means it would need to be ordered which could take days or months.

Some Rolex watch bracelets can cost US$15k dollars to upwards of US$20k. The cost is dependent on the model of the watch you own. For a regular steel Jubilee bracelet, the band will run about US$2000.

preowned jewelry

Better Than Replacing the Band – Protect the Original One and Save It

A Rolex runs best when worn. However, a drawback to wearing your watch is the band may become scratched or worn. Sometimes a Rolex owner may decide it is better to put an aftermarket band on their Rolex to protect the original band.

An original Rolex band that is not scratched or broken increases the value of your watch so make certain you store it safely.

Each watch band has a style and purpose depending on the occasion. Sometimes a leather watchband is more suitable than and metal bracelet.

When you own a Rolex rather it is a new or a used Rolex, finding an aftermarket watch band that fits may pose a challenge. Each aftermarket band available was made to fit a specific Rolex model. This is because different Rolex watches have different lug designs. The aftermarket band needs to have great precision in order to fit.

The aftermarket bracelets will say which models they fit. The band needs to fit against the case and needs to fit as nicely as the original band.

Lug Width

Lug width is important when fitting an aftermarket band and is sometimes referred to as horns. The projections are used to hold the bracelet or band to the watch case. Bands that have curved ends with end links that integrate precisely with the case must be exact to create the perfect fit.

Spring Bars

Some of the Rolex watches have two spring bars. A spring bar is a tiny bar that holds the watch straps in place. Some metal straps have for or even six spring bars depending on the watch brand. Don’t assume you can use the same original spring bars for an aftermarket brand.

Rolex only makes one rubber strap which is the black Oysterflex bracelet. It is expensive and difficult to get.

When you shop for pre-owned Rolex watches you want to know about the quality of the watches you are considering buying, understand the last date the watch was serviced, and how long the watch has been in the store. You may want to look at and determine the condition of the bracelet or strap before you purchase the watch so you know what you are going to have to do to get a replacement aftermarket alternative.

Luxury Watches

Rolex USA has various service centers across the US. The company has an easy way to search for a center central to where you live in the event you would like to have your pre-owned watches serviced. The website is available at https://www.rolex.com/watch-care-and-service/servicelocator/unitedstates.html.

The certified service centers guarantee their work and the experts will give your timepiece a complete overhaul. They may have you send in the pre-owned Rolex you bought so you may have to wait for it to be returned. During the service, they will offer to replace the band on exchange. This service isn’t included in the regular price charged for servicing your Rolex.

R&J Jewelry and Loan

R& J Jewelry and Loan Serving Los Angeles Residents

A shop like R& J Jewelry and Loan located in Los Angeles, CA provides expert pawn service to Los Angeles residents. They have a watch expert with over 20 years of experience.

The shop is a luxury pawnshop with a revolving selection of fine luxury watches including Rolex. The experts at the shop know and understand Rolex and will help you find the best Rolex watches to meet your need. They will consider buying or loaning on almost any luxury brand watch that is in good condition. They understand Rolex service, Rolex bands, and what they have in inventory. If you need a one-on-one conversation with a pawnbroker to sell or get a loan using your Rolex watches as collateral they are happy to set up an appointment. They sell the best-used Rolex watches in the city.

They also understand what it takes to find a pre-owned Rolex watch and quality watch band or aftermarket band. Make sure to take with the pawnbroker so you know what to expect. The watch expert will know the pros and cons of aftermarket Rolex bands for their large selection of pre-owned Rolex watches.

If you want to purchase a pre-owned rolex from a place who carries registered trademarks of Rolex USA like Explorer, Rolex Perpetual and Pearlmaster, stop by R & J Jewelry and Loan today.